About the Ardmore Institute of Health

The Ardmore Institute of Health (AIH) is an independent, nonprofit Oklahoma corporation headquartered in Ardmore, OK. AIH was established in 1947 by Roy Johnson, and funded by the estate of Roy’s son, Otey Johnson, MD. AIH seeks to improve the health and vitality of people around the world through the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits. The Johnsons were members of the Seventh-day Adventist church, and desired to extend the historic health ministry of the church through the establishment and funding of AIH.

After Otey’s death in 1984, the AIH trustees built and operated a residential lifestyle center (Lifestyle Center of America) in southern Oklahoma for 15 years. In more recent years, AIH has shifted its efforts to the operation of its proprietary Full Plate Living digital platform, and awarding grants to mission aligned projects conducted by nonprofit organizations.

The Full Plate Diet, released in 2010, and the Full Plate Living (FPL) digital platform that followed, are designed to help people improve their nutrition by adding fiber rich “superfoods” to their plate. The FPL team delivers regular encouragement and education by synthesizing the latest nutrition research and wisdom into simple language and manageable steps. The FPL digital community attracts people who are interested in losing weight and improving their health by changing their eating habits for the long term.

Granting and Strategic Priorities:

AIH considers grant funding requests 3 times each year, and gives preference to requests that align with its strategic priorities, which are to:

  1. Measurably increase the well-being of the residents of Ardmore and Carter County, Okla.
  2. Influence the U.S. health system to bring Lifestyle Medicine into the mainstream of clinical medical practice
  3. Improve health behaviors through funding programs that promote purpose, nutrition, movement, community, connectedness, and sleep

For information about grant opportunities, please contact:
Kevin Brown, Vice President & COO (kevin.brown@ardmoreinstituteofhealth.org) or
Pamela Wegmuller, Program Associate (pamela.wegmuller@ardmoreinstituteofhealth.org).

Grant Application Process:

AIH only considers requests from organizations designated by the IRS as 501(c)(3) public charities, or from government agencies. We are now including a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) stage in our application process. LOIs will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with decisions communicated within 2 weeks of submission. Applicants whose LOIs are approved will be invited to submit a full application. To obtain access to our online LOI form, contact Pamela Wegmuller, Program Associate at: pamela.wegmuller@ardmoreinstituteofhealth.org

Key dates for our next granting cycle:
July 15, 2019: LOI Form Released
August 12, 2019: LOIs Due
September 3, 2019: Full Grant Applications Due
October 8, 2019: Board Meeting
October 11, 2019: Grant Decisions Announced

AIH Mission: Improve the health and vitality of people to live more meaningful lives.

AIH Vision: We work for a future where lifestyle change will be the preferred method to prevent and overcome chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity

AIH Overarching Statement: The Ardmore Institute of Health is built on a foundation of love for God and through Him, service to others. We are charged with the responsibility of building and distributing the significant resources donated by Christian physician Otey Johnson in such a way that we can instill hope and build self-esteem in others through the development of a positive, healthy lifestyle.